Musical Thingarium 05.12.16


Odd music from the Northern Berkshires in Massachusetts, absolutely depressing country songs, and a Disco-Extravaganza!

1 Good Morning Sunshine by The Pinker Tones

2 After Hours by Ron Richardello

3 If You Love Me by Ron Richardello

4 Mount Greylock Tower by Norman Najimy and Agnes Donovan

5 Rhythms of Del Ray by Mount Greylock Regional HighSymphonic Winds

6 The Ballad of Hoosac Tunnel by David Grover

7 That’s How Girls Talk About Boys by Molly McGuigan

8 The Question by Vertigo

9 Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag by Ron Richardello

10 Tequila by Ron Richardello

11 The Drunkard’s Child by Hank Snow

12 The Little Girl I Didn’t Have The Courage To Keep by Margie Singleton

13 The Drunken Driver by Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper

14 Mommy Will My Dog Understand by Darnell Miller

15 Pollution by Tommy Scott’s Country Caravan

16 YMCA by Grethe Ingmann

17 The Incredible Hulk Theme by Joe Harnell

18 It’s Allrite To Truck All Nite by Barbara Markay

19 Night And Day by Frank Sinatra

20 I Took His Money by Hott City

21 Video Killed the Radio Star by Disco-Light Orchestra

22 Shake Your Bait by Barbara Law

23 Disco Story by Neoton Familia

24 How Long Are You Staying by Bill Joy

25 Superstar Revue by The Ventures

26 Boom Boom by Nazia Hassan

27 Caribbean Air Control by Big A (Trevor Horn)

28 I Love To Love But My Baby Loves To Dance by Tina Charles

29 I’m A Disco Clone by Cristina

30 Let’s Go To The Disco by Nick Lowe

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