Musical Thingarium 5.26.16


Space tunes and Polish pop!

1 No 15 by Roger Roger

2 Galactica by Rockets

3 Space Team by Bernard Fevre

4 Monkeys In Space by Unknown Narrator

5 Mission To Venus by Silver Convention

6 Robottom by James Asher

7 Nightflight to Venus by Boney M.

8 Space Ride by Leda

9 Cosmic Daddy by Venus Gang

10 Flash Gordon Intergalactic Alien Guidebook by Power Records

11 Jupiter Flight No 9 by Herman’s Rocket

12 spook in space by Aural Exciters

13 Space Shuttle Ride by Bumblebee Unlimited

14 War of the Satellites by The Ventures

15 Space Oddity by Brix Smith

16 Spooks In Space by Perrey & Kingsley

17 Space Suit by They Might Be Giants

18 Space Baby by The Tubes

19 Moontown by Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra

20 Transmissions From Venus by Man Or Astro-man?

21 Ufos Fly Again by Script

22 Parasolki by Maria Koterbska

23 Nie Udawaj (Don’t Pretend) by Irena Santor

24 Jak Ci To Powiedziec by Jadwiga Strzelecka

25 Daj mi swiat (Give me the universe) by Stenia Kozlowka

26 Ktam ze mnie kochasz by Jerzy Polomski

27 Co mnie w tobie zachwyocilo by Irene Jarocka

28 Super gwiazda by Shakin Dudi

29 Godzina Milowania by Marek Grechuta

30 Kate Moss by Organek

31 Dziewczyna z Naprzeciwka by Koniec Świata

32 Kieszonkowiec Darek by Komety

33 Kobiety by Partia

34 Złe Rzeczy by Cool Kids Of Death

35 Holy Holes by Brodka

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