Musical Thingarium 06.09.16


Ska and ska-friendly music, including Eastern European and Balkans sounds!

1 Record Shop by Jerry Lewis

2 The Man With The Golden Arm by The Scofflaws

3 Jamaica Ska by Annette Funicello

4 Buffalo Ska by Bad Manners

5 Violent Love by Oingo Boingo

6 Manipulator by The Toasters

7 Ginza Ska by The Ventures

8 Soul Moscosos by Los Moscosos

9 the telephone always rings by fun boy three

10 Elvis Should Play Ska by Graduate

11 Ghost Town by The Oldtones

12 Kitzenzoi by Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra

13 Avanti Popolo by Magnifico

14 Oreska Music by Oreskaband

15 Arsiz Gonul by Athena

16 Hujamba by Leningrad

17 Soon You’ll Be Gone by The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra

18 Oranges And Lemons Again by Suggs & Jools Holland

19 Soy Campesino by Ska Cubano

20 Musical Terrorism Act by Babylon Circus

21 Do Utra by Russkaja

22 The Communicator by Madness

23 Be My Guest by Jools Holland

24 Bourre d’Allegresse by Les Negresses Vertes

25 Nightboat To Cairo by Tic Tox

26 Frankie Sinatra by The Avalanches

27 Sunday Arak by Balkan Beat Box

28 Poznash by Robert Soko

29 Balkan Qoulou by Watcha Clan

30 Skanky Panky by Kid Koala

31 Soweto by Malcolm McLaren

32 The No No Song by Mr. Beautiful

33 Kobaka Shaka by Roberta Kelly

34 Just One Cornetto by Pookiesnackenburger

35 East Side Beat by The Toasters

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