Musical Thingarium 06.16.16


All Vinyl Edition featuring bad Christian music, strange 80s rap, and generally bizarre sounds

1 Electro Springs by Eric Peters

2 Crying For His Bird by Jerry Lewis

3 Mutants of Mega City One by Fink Brothers

4 Hey DJ by World Famous Supreme Team

5 Snack Attack by Godley and Creme

6 We Like Ugly Women by Bobby Jimmy and the Critters

7 Patience by The Madness

8 Eiffel Tower by Malcolm McLaren

9 Yo! Little Brother by Noland Thomas

10 A Town Called Big Nothing by The MacManus Gang

11 Take Me Back To Hawaii by Sylvia Meadows

12 Zombie Jamboree by The Eloise Trio

13 Come Back To The Virgin Islands by Bill La Motta

14 Birds of Paradise by Follies Polynesia

15 Surf Universitaria by Comparsa Universitaria

16 It’s Not Unusual by Ruben Rodriguez and the Guadallajara Kings

17 Same Ol Huckleberry Finn by Back Porch Majority

18 People Are Strange by Julie Budd

19 Feelin’ Groovy (The 59th Street Bridge Song) by Sandler and Young

20 Perfidia by Billy Daniels

21 We’re Gonna Go Fishin’ by Carol Channing and Hank Locklin

22 Royal Telephone by Inez Smith

23 Kind Shepherd by The Campbell Family Gospel Singers

24 My Sweet Lord by The Musical Harts

25 How Rich I Am by The Genco Family

26 I Believe In Heaven by The Cam Floria Continental Voices

27 Spirit in the Sky by The Sisters and the Brothers

28 Waterloo by Doctor and the Medics

29 Bang the Drum All Day by Bad Manners

30 Something To Fall Back On by Todd Rundgren

31 I Don’t Wanna Dance by Eddy Grant

32 You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down by Kid Creole and the Coconuts

33 Short Fat Fannie by Wolfman Jack

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