Musical Thingarium 06.23.16


International ’70s pop, Canadian country music, and 80s bands!

1 1941 by George Burns

2 Fly Away by Lanu

3 Estuvo Bien by Mexrrissey

4 In Your Fur by Teleman

5 The Power Is On by The Go! Team

6 Tu Me Dis Oui, Tu Me Dis No by zofka

7 Stay by Tully on Tully

8 Human Fly by Nouvelle Vague

9 California by Bahari

10 The Fold by Alex Winston

11 Ace of Wands by Andy Bown

12 Merry-Go-Round by Abba

13 Painter Man by Boney M.

14 Wild Tiger Woman by The Move

15 Tini-dal by Neoton Família

16 Get On Board by Teach In

17 The Future Is Past by Giorgio Moroder

18 Nobody’s Child by Penny McLean

19 The Talk Of All The U.S.A by Middle Of The Road

20 Voulez-vous by Bonnie St. Claire

21 Anything’s Better Than Nothing by Joe King and Corinne Cee

22 I’ve Got The Bottle by Bud Roberts

23 Big City by Norma Gale

24 You Don’t Miss Your Water Till The Well Runs Dry by Winston James

25 The Teacher’s Song by Joan Morrissey

26 Neige Sur La Bible De Mon Pere by Julie and Bernard Duguay

27 Albert County Soil by Marg Osburne

28 Why Should I Cry Over Someone by Joe King and the Ramblers

29 Ballad of Oak Island by Oak Island Mysteries

30 Silly Thing by Siouxsie and the Banshees

31 When I Get to Hollywood by The Monochrome Set

32 OK This Is The Pops by Tones On Tail

33 This Fear Of Gods by Simple Minds

34 We’re Having All The Fun by Fun Boy Three

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