Musical Thingarium 7.7.16


Spoken word paired with music sound collage, plus Israeli and disco vinyl

The spoken word collage in the first hour features the music and voices of Kreskin, Frank Edwards, Space Art, Delia Derbyshire, Barry Berma, Virginia Astley, L. Ron Hubbard, Art of Noise, The Atomic Crocus, Raveen, Bang on a Can, Bernard Fevre, Didier Maurouani, Sigur Ros, and others

1 To The Victvor by Geula Gill

2 David Melech Israel by Choir

3 Veha’er Eynenu by Cilla Dagan

4 Vu Bisten Geven by Chava Alberstin

5 Geshem by Aric Lavie

6 Footstompin’ Music by Stargard

7 Mostly Mozart by Walter Murphy

8 Baby I’m On Fire by Ritchie Family

9 I Want To Do Something Freaky To You by Saint Tropez

10 Arabian Nights by Ritchie Family

11 When I Get It Right by Joan Armatrading

12 Room At The Top by Adam Ant

13 Ghost Story by Wolfman Jack

Download Link

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