Bonus Radio: This But Not This 7.19.16


1 El Primero Del Gang by Mexrissey

2 Last Disaster by Night School

3 Bake A Cake by Hey Geronimo

4 Slow Descent Into Alcoholism by New Pornographers

5 Googoo by Bosco Rogers

6 Joey by Agua Roja

7 Door by Nice As Fuck

8 Settle Down by Twin River

9 Bionic Man by Computer Magic

10 Holy Dove by Civil Twilight

11 Ace of Hz by Ladytron

12 C.A.t.L.Y. by Blosh

13 Conquerer by Aurora

14 Dirty Sneakers and Underwear by Emily Wells

15 Alone by Esme Patterson

16 There Must Be More Than This by Gemma Ray

17 Controversial/Confrontational by Globelamp

18 My God Knows How To Cry by Hanna Leess

19 Black Horses by Elouise

20 All That Love by Leftover Cuties

21 On My Way by Xylaroo

22 Stone Baby by Francesca Shanks

23 When We Get Famou by Math and Physics Club

24 June by Team Me

25 Dream On, Baby Blue by Chorusgirl

26 Tangerine by Teleman

27 Self Portrait With “Electric Brain” by Stereolab

28 Turning Light by Amber Arcades

29 Everybody Wants To Love You by Japanese Breakfast

30 La Couleur Originelle by Whyte Horses

31 HandClap by Fitz and the Tantrums

32 Hold Your Tongue by Blue House

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