Musical Thingarium 7.21.16


Special all 1980 show!

1 A Certain Girl by Warren Zevon

2 Sleepwalk by Ultravox

3 Run Through The Light by Yes

4 Telegram Sam by Bauhaus

5 On and On and On by Abba

6 Summer Fun by The Barracudas

7 F-F-Fascination by The Fleshtones

8 That’s Not Right by Utopia

9 Modern Times by Code Blue

10 I’m In Love With The Girl On A Certain Manchester Megastore Check-out Desk by The Freshies

11 Computer Games by Mi-Sex

12 Be Bop Kid by Suicide

13 Life Kills by The Human League

14 Late Night City by Comateens

15 High School Confidential by Rough Trade

16 Mr. Siegal by Tom Waits

17 Clockface by Siouxsie and the Banshees

18 White Mice by Mo-Dettes

19 30 Frames A Second by Simple Minds

20 Silly Kid’s Games by The Damned

21 Bleeding by The Method Actors

22 Smokeless Zone by XTC

23 Spend by Shoes For Industry

24 Ain’t This The Life by Oingo Boingo

25 Love Goes Down The Drain by The Monochrome Set

26 There There My Dear by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

27 Needle In a Camel’s Eye by Suicide Romeo

28 Everything’s Roses by Fire Engines

29 Getting Nowhere Fast by Girls At Our Best

30 All That Jazz by Echo and the Bunnymen

31 Uomosex Al Apache by Bow Wow Wow

32 Baby Come Back by The Equators

33 Continental Shelf by Electric Guitars

34 Ring of Fire by Wall of Voodoo

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