Musical Thingarium 08.04.16


The real 1970s

1 Intro by The Galloping Gourmet

2 Up Your Nose by Gabe Kaplan

3 Kong by Dickie Goodman

4 Killer Joe by Jimmy Osmond

5 Fonzie For President by The Heyettes

6 Sixteen Reasons by Laverne and Shirley

7 Rock Is Dead by Donnie Most

8 Drummer Man by Brady Kids

9 Write Me A Letter by DiFranco Family

10 The Road I Took To You (Pieces) by Joey Heatherton

11 Go For It by Kristy and Jimmy McNichol

12 Monster Rock by Johnny Whitaker

13 In The Arts by New Zoo Revue

14 How To Choose A Handle by CB Radio

15 Round The World With The Rubber Duck by C.W. McCall

16 Ode To A Critter (Fish, Bird, and Cow Song) by Dennis Weaver

17 Ask Me What I Am by Burt Reynolds

18 Why by Evel Knievel

19 Oh What A Night For Love by Telly Savalas

20 Cotton Fields / Swanee River by Sandler and Young

21 Moonraker by Shirley Bassey

22 Blame It On the Pony Express by Bobby Sherman

23 Toto, Don’t It Feel Like Paradise by Lynda Carter

24 Hey Boogie Mama by Conti Family

25 When It Hit Me by The Kids From C.A.P.E.R.

26 Happy Being Me by Meadowlark Lemon

27 Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Frank Sinatra

28 Anytime by Paul Anka

29 Semi-Gret Predictor by Jerry Reed

30 Sky High by Jigsaw

31 Ooh Wacka Doo Wacka Day by Gilbert O’Sullivan

32 Mama Was a Rock and Roll Singer, Daddy Used To Write All Her Songs by Sonny and Cher

33 Hey Mr Taxi by The Osmonds

34 Yesterday’s Hero by Bay City Rollers

35 Don’t Let Go by Tony Orlando

36 Games People Play by Mike Curb Congregation

37 You’re So Vain by The Odd Couple

38 Who Is It by Carlton The Doorman

39 Race War by Spark Newspaper Staff

40 The Day by Uri Geller

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