Musical Thingarium 08.09.16


Japan, Bollywood, horrible Beatles covers, Iron Curtain pop, Jazz Noir, latest vinyl and more!

1 Double Lovin’ by The Osmonds

2 King of the Road by Tennessee Ernie Ford

3 King of Clowns by Jerry Goebel

4 Junior’s Farm by Kings Road

5 You Tried To Warn Me by Pierro Umillani

6 First Baseball Game by Dora Hall

7 John Shaft by Sammy Davis Jr

8 In The Navy by Mirror Image

9 A Hard Day’s Night by Peter Sellers

10 Blackbird by Sandler and Young

11 Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by Alan Lorber Orchestra

12 Help by Count Basie

13 Yellow Submarine by Mrs Miller

14 A Hard Day’s Night by Doodletown Pipers

15 Jim Dandy by The Beni Sisters

16 Bom! Bom! Bom! by The Spiders

17 Knock on Wood by The Voltage

18 Chi Chico Teek by The Beni Sisters

19 Unknown Song Title by The Stylers

20 Piya Too Ab to Aaja by Asha Bhosle and RD Burman

21 Honton pae aisi baat by Lata Mangeshkar, Bhufinder and Chorus

22 Unakkum Enakkum by S. Janaki

23 Big Noise From Winnetka by Cozy Cole

24 Straight No Chaser by Thelonious Monk

25 Journey Into Sound No. 6 by Morphine Mambo Jazz Club

26 Smitty’s Place by Elmer Bernstein

27 Stu’s Blues by Sy Oliver

28 A Thousand Bing Bangs by Ken Nordine & Tom Waits

29 D.R. Blues by Django Reinhardt

30 Creep On Creepin In by Timber Timbre

31 Underground Agent by Paul Kass

32 Ez minden by Sarolta Zalatnay

33 Radši – šanson by Marta Kubišová

34 Vládce našich dní (What’s a Gonna Be) by Helena Vondráčková

35 Piros Tulipán by Poór Péter

36 En T’attendant by Françoise Hardy

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