Musical Thingarium 09.06.16


My latest vinyl purchases, along with a bunch of Balkan, Hungarian, and German music.

1 Instant Ventriloquism – Explanation by Jimmy Nelson

2 He’s Loco by Avatars of They

3 Here Comes The Sun by The Ephlats

4 What Do You Do When You’re Young White And Jewish by Ron Eliran

5 When The Hindenburg Lands Today by The Characters

6 Take A Moment by Dora Hall

7 Seven Old Ladies by Mr X

8 Because You’re Stupid by Bright Morning Star

9 If You Miss Me From The Back Of the Bus by Mocedades

10 3 Chords, 2 Teeth, 1 Eye by Avatars of They

11 When Amelia Earhart Flies Home by The Characters

12 Adj egy jo tippet by Gyorgy Korda

13 Rock and Roll by Kati Kovacs

14 Orion urhajo 60’as evek by Imre Zsoldos

15 Viaszbaba by Maria Toldy

16 Karolina by Pal Szecsi

17 Sose add fel a remenyed by Neoton Familia

18 Lilla hasten plopp by Dixie Klasson

19 Gulyey (Hang Out) by Perkalaba

20 My Gypsy Auto Pilot by Gogol Bordello

21 Egal by Dunkelbunt & Alix

22 Hold Me Down by Shazalakazoo

23 Cash and Chaos by Dela Dap

24 I Put A Spell On  You by Fanfare Ciocarlia

25 Cyber Boy by Little Cow

26 Im Nin’alu by Watcha Clan

27 Avtar Aba by Romengo

28 All the Sand in the Sea by DeVotchka

29 God’s Away On Business by Municipale Balcanica

30 De l’eau de l’air by Mellino

31 Samo malo (Groovyman remix) by Magnifico

32 The Strigoi Waltz by Bella’s Bartok

33 Surfing Tuba by Boom Pam

34 Vagabond by Beirut

35 Bugay (Boo Guy) by Perkalaba

36 Gina Gina by Bill Ramsay

37 Rockin’ the Cha Cha by Hazy Osterwald Sextett

38 Modell 1910 by Honey Twins

39 Speil Hula Hoop by Topsy

40 Oho by Ernie Bieler

41 Wumba Tumba Schokoladeneisverkaufer by Bill Ramsey

42 Disco Hier Disco Dear by Tol Hansse

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