Musical Thingarium 09.20.16


50s and 60s on vinyl

1 Yamasuki by Yamasuki Singers

2 Summertime Blues by Outsiders

3 Barracuda by Eddie “Big Blues” Carson

4 The Sneak by George Young and The Rockin’ Bocs

5 Pat’s Steaks by Sal Masi’s Untouchables

6 Chili With Honey by Danny Bell and the Bell Hops

7 They Prefer Blondes by Banshees

8 Bounce Your Boobies by Rusty Warren

9 Voila Pronounced Wal-La by Marty Neon

10 Scream by Ralph Nielson and the Chancellors

11 The Girl Can’t Dance by Bunker Hill

12 The Monkey by Guitar Crusher

13 King Of Rock and Roll by Billy Latham

14 Les Filles C’est Fait Pour Faire L’Amour by Charlotte Leslie

15 Des Tigres Et Des Minets by Christine Delaroche

16 Go Home by Jacqueline Perez

17 Shake Shake Shake by Rita Chao and the Quests

18 Si tu Gagnes au Flipper by Chantal Goya

19 Mimi Cat by Chiu Yen and the Stylers

20 Srey No by Khmer folk song

21 You Are A Heartless Person by Dong Rong and the Stylers

22 Let’s Be Happy by Penny Lim and The Silvers Kung See Kung See

23 Help Murder Police by Hi Fidelities

24 Snaggle Tooth Ann by Gene Norman and the Rocking Rockets

25 Domino / Coke Commercial by Roy Orbison

26 Stop Knockin’ by Juanita Nixon

27 Mama Get Your Hammer by Bobby Peterson

28 Pimples and Braces by Ric Gary

29 Mama’s Place by Bing Day

30 Oo Chang A Lang by The Blue Orchids

31 The Greasy Chicken by Andre Williams

32 Hip Couple by Jeff Barry

33 Me and My Miniskirt by Minnie and the Kneebones

34 Real Kool Kitty by Nona Rae

35 Like Weird by Tommy Falcone and the Centuries

36 Fraternity USA by The Ladybugs

37 Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car by Richard Berry

38 Backaruda by Toads

39 Sweet Bacon by Julian Covey

40 Who’s Number One by Ambrose Donald

41 Female Hercules by Carlisles

42 Goatsville by Jay Hodge Ork

43 Monk Time by The Monks

44 Why That Person by Bunny Girls

45 Falstaff Beer Commercial by Cream

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