Musical Thingarium 11.08.16


Election Day Special

1 Ambiguity Song by Camper Van Beethoven

2 I Wanna Be Sedated by Nouvelle Vague

3 Vote Baby Vote by Dee Lite

4 Elected by Alice Cooper

5 Give Us Something Worth Voting For by The Tuts

6 Love Me I’m A Liberal by Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon

7 That’s How Voting Works by Jeff Williams

8 Christ For President by Wilco

9 Here Comes President Kill Again by XTC

10 President Gas by Psychedelic Furs

11 Young Presidents by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

12 Female President by Girl’s Day

13 Don’t Ask Me by Public Image Limited

14 The Presidents by Jonathan Coulton

15 William Howard Taft by Two Man Gentleman Band

16 William Harding You’re The Man for Us by Oscar Brand

17 Eisenhower Blues by J.B. Lenoir

18 The Love of Richard Nixon by Manic Street Preachers

19 Jimmy Carter Says Yes by Gene Marshall

20 Hey Ronald Reagan by James Kochalka Superstar

21 Ronald Reagan’s Cousin by Team Genius

22 Bonzo Goes To Bitburg by The Ramones

23 Bad time for Bonzo by The Damned

24 Missing You by Ronald Reagan

25 If Donald Trump Had Said All the Things That You Said He Said by The Gregory Brothers

26 Donald Trump 2016 by The Windeye Project

27 Tiny Hands by The Original Donald Trump

28 I’m Voting for Donald Trump by Pat Garrett

29 Donald Trump Walk by Jerry James

30 John Wayne, Superman, President Donald J Trump by Kenny Stripling

31 Donald Trump’s Hands by Skip Haynes

32 The Donald Trump Song by Steve Warren

33 Stump 4 Trump (Donald Make ‘Em Pay) by Michele Marzano

34 I’m Donald Trump by Steve Goodie

35 Donald Trump Club March by Robert Lund and Spaff

36 Putin by Randy Newman

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