Musical Thingarium 11.22.16


iPod Roulette edition

1 Mao Mao by The Starlights

2 Voodoo Doll by Amelia

3 DNA Bank by Freelance Whales

4 Shortnin Bread by The Cramps

5 Si Seulement by Les Chaussettes Noires

6 Sheik’s Walk by Southern Culture on the Skids

7 Name of the Game (live) by Abba

8 Dancing The Whole Way Home by Miss Li

9 Morse Code by Jools Holland

10 Indian Planet by Herman’s Rocket

11 Postcard by Afternoon Naps

12 Zebra Butt by Zammuto

13 Goosey Goosey by Andy Partridge

14 Heart by Nick Lowe

15 Dans la vie by Zofka

16 Moi Mon Coeur by Les Chaussettes Noire

17 Telstar by Joe Meek

18 Good Graces by Zammuto

19 Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache (John Peel Session) by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

20 Runaround by Moods For Moderns

21 Kom Sa Sjunger Vi Med by Benny Lawins Orkester

22 Old by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

23 It’s A Burn by Samantha Savage Smith

24 Elks Lodge Riot by Tullycraft

25 Eso Beso by Rene Kollo

26 There’s a Cabin in the Pines by Louis Armstrong

27 Acqua Azzurra Acqua Chiara by Lucio Battisti

28 Same Signs by Axxa/Abraxas

29 Flatfoot Sam by Tommy Blake

30 Watch Your Step by Giorgio Moroder

31 Au Fond du Temple Saint by David Byrne and Rufus Wainwright

32 Something Is Happening by Sandler and Young

33 Eu Era um Cao by Fumaca Preta

34 The Bloom by Houses

35 Rock and Roll High School by Shonen Knife

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