Musical Thingarium 11.29.16


All 1982 show!

1 Someone’s Calling by Modern English

2 From Small Things by Dave Edmunds

3 You’re My Favorite Waste Of Time by Marshall Crenshaw

4 Dozen Girls by The Damned

5 Red Scab by Adam Ant

6 Primrose Hill by Madness

7 Zulu Beat by King Kurt

8 The Telephone Always Rings by Fun Boy Three

9 Just One Cornetto by Pookiesnackenburger

10 Insects by Oingo Boingo

11 It’s My Car by The Waitresses

12 Snowman by XTC

13 Tongue In Cheek by Au Pairs

14 No Fish Today by Kid Creole

15 Genghis Khan by Electric Guitars

16 Scapegoat by Fad Gadget

17 Rang-A-Tang by The Method Actors

18 Drumbeat For Baby by Weekend

19 Little Brown Head by Altered Images

20 Flaming Desire by Bill Nelson

21 Anna Letmeinletmeout by Trio

22 Danceaway by Blondie

23 Coded World by Faith Global

24 Dancing With My 80 Wives by The Individuals

25 Garlands by Cocteau Twins

26 I Wanna Be Sedated by The Adicts

27 I Hate People by Anti Nowhere League

28 Other Man’s Sin by Steve Diggle and Flag of Convenience

29 Cara-Lin by The Fleshtones

30 Who’s Landing In My Hanger by Human Switchboard

31 Tied Up With Lou Cool by The Tudors

32 Town Cryer by Elvis Costello

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