Bonus Radio: This But Not This 12.15.16


1 Christmas Shopping For Dobby by Harry and the Potters

2 Teenage Christmas by Eux Autres

3 Dear Santa by Persil

4 White Christmas by The Wendy Darlings

5 Indian Giver by The Mighty Atom

6 Take My Hand in Winter by Humosexual

7 Let Me Be The Fairy on Your Christmas Tree by The School

8 Christmas In the Air by The Tuts

9 A Christmas Number One by Siobhan Fahey

10 The Last Xmas of Archiebald Sterling by Master Solo

11 Santa Claus by Spectrum

12 Last Christmas by Fonda

13 Merry Christmas Marie by Red Sleeping Beauty

14 All The Right Reasons by Dressy Bessy

15 One Christmas Catalog by Captain Sensible

16 Christmas Tea by Dimie Kat

17 Early Christmas Present by Kate Nash

18 Blue Christmas by Leftover Cuties

19 Little Drummer Boy by Fever Fever

20 Mele Kalikimaka by KT Tunstall

21 Rockin in the Manger by 5 Chinese Brothers

22 Santa Claus Is Back In Town by Mustang

23 It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It’s Spring) by Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra

24 Forget You Santa by Voicedude

25 Twelve Days of Wizard Christmas by Gred and Forge

26 Glammy Little Christmas by Cleaners From Venus

27 Christmas is Really Fantastic by Frank Sidebottom

28 Three Wise Men and a Baby by The Cavedogs

29 Hooray for Santa Claus by The Fleshtones

30 Another Christmas by The Yobs

31 Christmas Time Is Here Again by Satan’s Cheerleaders

32 Christmas is a Comin by The Shitbirds

33 Don’t Believe In Santa by The Junior Varsity

34 Christmas In the Big House by They Might Be Giants

35 Skiing In the Snow by The Beach Girls

36 Santa’s On His Way by The Pipettes 

37 Jesus by King Missile

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