Musical Thingarium 01.03.17


All vinyl show

1 2001/CC Rider by Rick Presley

2 Good Rockin Tonight by Jerry Lee Lewis and Orion

3 Whatever Happened to Charlie Brown by Carol Channing and Rita Remington

4 Y’all Come by Pete Drake

5 Parking For Cheaters by Dee Mullins

6 Flashback To Happy by David Allen

7 Love is Surrender by Richard and Patty Roberts

8 Light and Sound of Sugmad by Jerry and Judy Leonard

9 Frances And Her Friends by Frances Faye

10 Tootey Flutey by Rolley Polley

11 Midnight in Tokyo by Tokyo Boys

12 Green Grow the Rushes O by Button Down Brass

13 Night of the Tiger/Nagasaki by Markko Polo Adventurers

14 Onward Christian Soldiers by Paul Talley

15 Gesellschaft’s Lieder by Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band

16 Java des bombs atomiques by Elsa Popping and Her Pixieland Band

17 In an 18th Century Drawing Room by Zeb Billings

18 Latin Nocturne by Pete Rugolo

19 This Can’t Be Love by Peter Palmer

20 Neutral Zone Romulan View by The DeHorn Crew

21 The Wedding of Mr Universe and Fantastic Gal by The Capes and Masks

22 Good Job Well Done Neville Chamberlain by The Characters

23 I Wanted Wings by The Four Sergeants

24 I’m Your Little Boy by Heintje

25 High Rise by Ukuleles of Halifax

26 The Circus Show by Teach In

27 Glad All Over by The Select Few

28 R U Man Enough? by Mud

29 Love of the Common People by Sandler and Young

30 What’s It Matter To Us by Xarchakos and Kokotas

31 She’s A Lady by Carmen Canavo

32 American Trilogy by Rick Presley

33 Proud Mary/Folsom Prison Blues/Who Will Wear The Crown/Me and Bobby McGee by Gary and Eddie

34 Chains Polka by Leon Sash

35 Play Fiddle Play by Perry Bechtel

36 Harp Skip and Jump by Gene Bianco

37 I Know What It Is To Be Young by Orson Welles

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