Musical Thingarium 01.17.17


Dutch punk, and 70s bubblegum, glam, and disco!

1 Amazing Skin Song by Hot Chocolate

2 Treat Me Like A Doll by God’s Heart Attack

3 Hippie by Suzannes

4 Bomb in the Jukebox by Speedtwins

5 Requiem for Martin Heidegger by Panic

6 Independence by The Dummies

7 Bionic Adventure by Frites Modern

8 Cover Girl by Cheap N Nasty

9 Suicide Pilot by The Softies

10 Jesus Loves Me (But I Don’t Care) by Subway

11 You’re All I Need by The Barron Knights

12 Fat Judy by Farm

13 Jam-Jam by American Jam Band

14 Go-Go Little Dancer by April

15 Rock It In My Rocket by Andy Glenmark

16 In The Jungle by Messengers

17 Make Up Make Up by Lainey Walker

18 Whirlwind Girl by Boston Boppers

19 SOS by Inger Lise Rypdal

20 Supercool by Kiki Dee

21 Cosmic Dance by Patricia White

22 Sock It To Me Tschaikowsky by Joachim Ludwig

23 My Gigolo by Bacarra

24 Rock N Roll Clown by Harpo

25 Space Inferno by Venus Gang

26 In The Black Hole by Rockets

27 Space Woman by Herman’s Rocket

28 Don Quijote by Neoton Familia

29 Fella’s Doing It In Lagos by Hotline

30 Everybody Likes Something Good by Ify Jerry Krusade

31 Dzo Le Gebo Nye by Adamah and Agbote

32 Bavar Bekonam by Googoosh Cheero

33 She Played Piano and He Beat The Drums by Nancy Sinatra

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