Musical Thingarium 01.24.17


All 1983 show!

1 Underground by Tom Waits

2 Indian Giver by The Ramones

3 Barbarella by The Bongos

4 Ripeness by Echo and the Bunnymen

5 Do The Rat by King Kurt

6 Jet Set Junta by Monochrome Set

7 Great Fire by XTC

8 Gone Dead by The Moodists

9 Flat 19 by The Merton Parkas

10 The Hayrick Song by Tenpole Tudor

11 Fool’s Paradise by The Blasters

12 Merengue by Malcolm McLaren

13 There’s Something Wrong In Paradise by Kid Creole

14 Time Wounds All Heels by Nick Lowe

15 Quietly Alone by Kirsty MacColl

16 Make The Weather by The Waitresses

17 Tomorrow’s Just Another Day by Madness

18 Mr. Alphabet Says by The Glove

19 Doot Doot by Freur

20 No Fear No Hate No Pain No Broken Hearts by Eurythmics

21 In The Gold Dust Rush by Cocteau Twins

22 Endlessly by John Foxx

23 Sunbursts In by Eyeless in Gaza

24 Screaming Skull by The Fleshtones

25 Tom and Jerry by Luna Twist

26 Viewmaster by The Embarassment

27 Baby Blue by Dislocation Dance

28 I’m Not Mad/Get Off Of My Cloud by The Meteors

29 Well Fancy That by Fun Boy Three

30 Cheers Then by Bananarama

31 Drums by The Tubes

32 Our Song by Yes

33 The Army Now by Art of Noise

34 My Life Is Good by Randy Newman

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