Musical Thingarium 03.07.17


Country music, weird vinyl and more stuff

1 Gator by Jerry Reed

2 Trouble On The Turnpike by Roger Miller

3 The Electrified Donkey by Johnny Horton

4 She Burned the Little Roadside Tavern Down by Jimmy Dean

5 Girl on the Billboard by Dave Dudley

6 Snap Your Fingers by Don Gibson

7 Timber I’m Falling by Ferlin Husky

8 Baltimore by Sonny James

9 Never More Quote the Raven by Stonewall Jackson

10 Loco Weed by Mel Tillis

11 Your Squaw Is On The Warpath by Loretta Lynn

12 Sally Trash by Tammy Wynette

13 Morgan wirst du wieder bei mir sein by Lynn Anderson

14 Mr Walker It’s Over by Billie Jo Spears

15 Heartbreak USA by Dottie West

16 I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch by The Drifters Caravan

17 Cincinnati Ohio by Connie Smith

18 Many Happy Hangovers To You by Jean Shepard

19 A Girl Named Sam by Lois Williams

20 I’m Hanging Up the Phone by Carl and Pearl Butler

21 Why Buy The Cow by Polly Hutt

22 Oh Ha Milliomos Lennek by Sarolta Zalatnay

23 Ballade Sur Mars by Rockets

24 Keep On Streaking by Floating Opera

25 Goodbye Guitarman by Cherrie Vangelder-Smith

26 Company Disco Inferno by Kid Stuff Repertory

27 General Bringdown by Wings

28 Superstar by Gayle McCormick

29 Dans Les Gares by Diane Juster

30 Covenant Song by The Liberated Wailing Wall

31 Take A Chance by Bruzer

32 Run Toward The Roar by Tammy Faye Baker

33 Girl Like You by George Deffet

34 Wine Women and VD by Wild Service Songs

35 Adolf Hitler by London Philharmonic

36 Willie Can by Sue Thompson

37 Daddy Couldn’t Get Me One of Those by Helen Shapiro

38 Th’ Wife by Joe Brown

39 Pleasure Man by Cilia Black

40 She Taught Me How To Yodel by Frank Ifield

41 The Four Horsemen by Aphrodite’s Child

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