Musical Thingarium 03.21.17


All 1984 show

1 Anything by The Damned

2 This Town by Hey! Elastica

3 The Sun and the Rain by Madness

4 Rough Justice by Bananarama

5 You’re the Wish You Are I Had by XTC

6 P.O.E. by Adam Ant

7 My Kingdom by Echo and the Bunnymen

8 Holy Moly by Bunnydrums

9 Pretty Girls Make Graves by The Smiths

10 2×4 by The Fall

11 Alcohol by Special AKA

12 A New England by Kirsty MacColl

13 Will You Spin For Me by Shoes

14 The Chocolate Elephant Man by Biff Bang Pow

15 What’s A Girl To Do by Cristina

16 A Time To Fear (Who’s Afraid) by Art of Noise

17 Persephone by Cocteau Twins

18 Black Girls by Violent Femmes

19 Tie Me To The Length of That by Public Image Limited

20 East At Easter by Simple Minds

21 Repo Man by Iggy Pop

22 That’s Too Bad by Gary Numan and Tubeway Army

23 She’s Just 15 Years Old by The Milkshakes

24 Maureen by Nick Lowe

25 I Want You by Lindsey Buckingham

26 I Love You Suzanne by Lou Reed

27 White China by Ultravox

28 Rule of the Game by Dave Edmunds

29 Streams of Whiskey by The Pogues

30 Mack the Knife by Frank Sinatra

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