Musical Thingarium 03.28.17


All vinyl show includes cover versions, lots of country, and 50s/60s rock and roll.

1 Video Killed The Radio Star by Mini Pops

2 Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by Alan Lorber Orchestra

3 Lip Service by Tellus

4 Delilah by Button Down Brass

5 Hello Dolly by Carol Channing, Hank Locklin, & Jimmy C Newman

6 Dancing in the Streets by Fred Frith

7 The Good The Bad and The Ugly by The Fantastic Pikes

8 Rock A Hula Baby by Pop Will Eat Itself

9 Yellow Submarine by Bjorn Tidmand, Dario Campeotto, & Otto Brandenburg

10 No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car by Vivian Stanshall

11 Abba Medley by Mini Pops

12 Jailhouse Rock by The Cramps

13 Bic Mac by Kay Adams

14 Love Makes The World Go Round by Tennessee Ernie Ford

15 I’ll Leave The Front Door Open by Johnny and Jonie Mosby

16 Invitation to the Blues by Pete Drake

17 Keeping My Accent Cause I’m A Hillbilly by Sylvia Meadows

18 War Baby by Dee Mullins

19 The Other Room by Michael Nesmith

20 Oooh Oooh by Joe E. Ross

21 Voodoo Woman by Smiley Smith

22 Let Me Play Wit’ Yo’ Poodle by Jimmy Buckett

23 Only Cowgirl In Town by Glenn Barr & Roger Harrison

24 Bald Headed Baby by Buddy Sharpe & The Shakers

25 Mumbles by Jack Ross

26 Yabadabado by Andy & The Classics

27 Mo’ Taters by Earthworms

28 Please Pass The Biscuits by Andre Williams

29 He Won The Purple Heart For Doin’ The Twist by Herbie Jay

30 Bim Bam by BB King and His Orchestra

31 Polly Put The Kettle On by Sonny Boy Williamson

32 Hey Boy Hey Girl by Oscar McLollie & Jeanette Baker

33 Hammy In The Holee by Baby Doll

34 Wanted For Questioning by Bob Lee

35 Hi Fi Baby by Teddy “Mr Bear” McRae

36 Let’s Dance by Excels

37 Heartbreak Hotel by Ron Robins

38 Bongo Beatin’ Beatnik by Joe Hall & Corvettes

39 Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On by Tremelons

40 Danger One Way Love Affair by Ray Vernon

41 Weirdsville by George Ross and the Red Tops

42 Pass the  Hatchet by Roger and the Gypsies

43 Booze Party by Three Aces and a Joker

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