Musical Thingarium 03.30.17


Experimental and just plain weird

1 Roger by Ken Nordine

2 Bongo Riff by Pete Rugolo

3 Wedding Ceremony Etc by Marjoe Gortner

4 Reeling by Bang on a Can

5 Life Cycle by B. Singer

6 Shabbat for Today Part 2 by Gershon Kingsley

7 Xerox Effective Listening

8 Qoquaq Ën Transic / Naon / Transic Tö by Jon Anderson

9 Route 99 by Les Negresses Vertes

10 Shane 1/Maxence Cup by Firmament and the Elements

11Tender by Virginia Astley

12 People Animals and Plants by Big Butter

13 Selection from James Brown Live At The Apollo by The Residents

14 Ford Fremont 2 by The Gordon Lake Corporate Funky Band

15 Sybernetic by Claude Vasori

16 All Our Base Are Belong To Them by The Books

17 Gilda and Gunshots by Pierre Ralph

18 Number One by Yul Aularong

19 Elecktron by Tanzorchester des Berliner Rundfunks

20 The Chicken Dance by Tiny Tim

21 Fat Man by Electric Guitars

22 Paralyzed by The Legendary Stardust Cowboy

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