Musical Thingarium 04.04.17


George Orwell music, depressing country music, and plenty of instrumental gaiety.

1 Wake Up! It’s 1984 by Oingo Boingo

2 Doubleplusgood by Eurythmics

3 1984 by David Bowie

4 Big Brother by Girls Aloud

5 When I Was George Orwell’s Hairdresser by The  Ponsoby DC’s

6 Suicide by Louie Innis

7 The Needle by Harry Snyder

8 LSD by Wendell Austin

9 The Slave by Buck Richey

10 Marijuana the Devil Flower by Johnny Price

11 The Devil Was Laughing At Me by Jimmy C Newman

12 California Hippie Murders by Red River Dave

13 Psycho by Eddie Noack

14 Jesus Is My Pusher by Margie Singleton

15 Galactic Adventures Of The Outer Space Fleet “Hope” by Science Fiction Corporation

16 Hashish Party by Georges Garvarentz

17 La Horse by Serge Gainsbourg

18 Obstinancy by Orchestra Cometa

19 Strait Jacket by Giuliano Sorgini

20 Groovy by Johnny Hawksworth

21 Airport 75 by Geoff Love

22 Slight Hitch by Clive Hicks

23 Cosmic Sea by Mystic Moods

24 Teenage Villain by Keith Mansfield

25 Transfert 2002 by Le Groupe X

26 Slalom by Ennio Morricone

27 Saxana Theme by Petra Černocká

28 Walking In The Dark by Stefano Torrosi

29 Kono Samouri by Yamasuki Singers

30 Petrol Pop by Michel Magne & Jean Yanne

31 Winter’s Going by Bonnie Dobson

32 Venus And Mars/Rock Show by Langley Schools Music Project

33 Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five by Paul McCartney

34 When I Kissed The Teacher by Abba

35 Killer Joe by Jimmy Osmond

36 Kung Fu Fighting by Max Greger

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