Musical Thingarium 04.06.17


A tribute to Don Rickles, plus Japanese and Italian grooviness!


1 Sinatra by Don Rickles

2 Don Rickles Why You Gotta Be So Mean by Papa Razzi and the Photogs

3 Psyche Rock by Les Yper Sound

4 Le Roi d’Angleterre by Nino Ferrer

5 Hip Hip Hip Hurrah by Claude Francois

6 L’antiquite by Stone

7 Les fille c’est fait pour faire l’amour by Charlotte Leslie

8 Dracula by Christine Pilzer

9 Hold Tight by Pat Simon

10 Sharock No 1 by Mie Nakao

11 Hatsu Koi No Letter by Miki Obata

12 Tenshi No Itazura by Emy Jackson

13 Aeba Suki Suki by Margaret With Bunnies

14 Nikui Aitsu by Mika Nohira

15 Komachau Na by Linda Yamamoto

16 Watashi No Inori by Rumi Koyama

17 Utah by The Osmonds

18 Hot Shot by Jimmy Osmond

19 I Can’t Get No Satisfaction by Tritons

20 Man in the Raincoat by Marion Marlowe

21 The Persuaders by Piero Piccioni

22 Party Music/Show Out by Francis Lai

23 La polizia ha le mani legate Pt 7 by Stelvio Cipriani

24 Pistol Rock by Gianni Ferrio

25 Title Theme (Die Dressierte Frau) by Gert Wilden

26 Love Love Bang Bang by Bruno Nicholai

27 Precinct (Whodunnit) by Simon Haseley

28 Blow Up A Go Go by James Clarke

29 Warlock by Reg Tilsey

30 Ooze by Simon Park

31 The Mystified Man (Flag of Iron Theme) by Pierre Arvay

32 Teenage Chase by Keith Mansfield

33 Forward Drive by Sam Fonteyn

34 Border Incident by Dennis Farnon

35 Moon Zero Two by Don Ellis

36 Woman Woman by The Runners

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