Musical Thingarium 05.11.17


Folk Horror Spectacular!

1 Demon In A Glass Case by Paul Roland

2 Lost Villages of Holderness by Sproatly Smith

3 I Saw The Dead by Becky Unthank and Martin Green

4 Dictamen by Les Secrets Des Morphee

5 Witchdrone by The Heartwood Institute

6 Walpurgisnacht by Faun

7 Hugh of Lincoln by The Owl Service

8 The Drowning of Mardale Green by The Straw Bear Band

9 Hagia Sophia by Irfan

10 Greenman by XTC

11 Nymphs of the Seagod Nereus by Daemonia Nymphe

12 Cave by Orion Rigel Dommisse

13 The Willows by The Hare and The Moon

14 La danse des damnes by Malicorne

15 The Ballad of Sawney Bean/Sawney’s Death by Snakefinger

16 Trees Grew All Around Her by The Seance with Lutine

17 The Garden of Jane Delawney by Dark Sanctuary

18 Gathering Clouds by Thorsten Schmidt

19 Terre Larbour by Visitors

20 Hawthorn Heart by Magpahi

21 King Volcano by Bauhaus

22 Phantom Limb by Birdengine

23 A Mutable History Under a Bright June Sky by A Year In The Country

24 Margaret in Captivity by The Decemberists

25 Village Messenger by Klaus Morlock

26 Cassandre Sylvestre by Stille Volk

27 Wax Phantoms by The Focus Group

28 Walk Into The Steam and Vanish by The Gordon Lake Corporate Funky Band

29 An Empty Village by The Unseen

30 The Scarecrow by June Tabor

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