Musical Thingarium 05.18.17


Delving deeper into the world of Folk Horror!

1 Witches by Vaginapocalypse

2 Fish Master by Elspeth Anne Macrae & Henry Louis

3 The Bane Tree by (episodes from) The Field Bazaar

4 Bad Girl by Ruby

5 Spectre Huntsman by Quakers Stang

6 Child Ballad No.49 (Or The Rolling Of The Stones) by The Owl Service

7 Night Sweat by Klaus Morlock

8 Poor Murdered Woman by Ulver

9 The Legend of Black Vaughan by Ian Humberstone

10 Witches and Charmers by Magpahi

11 Thin Theatre by Quimper

12 Richie’s Story by Trembling Bells

13 Cambridgeshire May Carol by Belbury Poly

14 Endless Sky by Dodson & Fogg

15 Liars by Elspeth Anne

16 The Weeping Tree by Revbjelde

17 Polly Vaughan by Rachael Dadd

18 Ripe by Fothergill’s Wheel

19 Under My Wing by Helen Melon

20 Turpin Hero by Marco Pirroni

21 O! Death by Sproatly Smith

22 The Murder of Maria Marten by Ela Stiles

23 Long Years Ago by Rozi Plain

24 Listen To It Fall by Mark Stevenson

25 Will Ford by Paper Dollhouse

26 Sweet Dream by Telling The Bees

27 Machines by Emily Jones

28 Vampire Lullaby by Ria

29 Never Again by Tunng

30 Love Is Pleasing by Josephine Foster

31 Time Must Have Stopped by Chris Sherman

32 Go from My Window by The Mini Mekons

33 Dearest Dear by Barbarossa

34 No Death by Mirel Wagner

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