Musical Thingarium 06.08.17


Twee and friends of Twee, including Amigos de españa.

1 Yesterday Once More by The Shaggs

2 We Are the Lemons by The Lemons

3 Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bone Collectors

4 Grass Skirt by All Girl Summer Fun Band

5 Happy To Be Myself by The Boy Least Likely To

6 Broddy Bounce by Captain and Tennille

7 Hey Sunshine by Let’s Whisper

8 Orange Cake Mix by Tullycraft

9 Puddles by Very Truly Yours

10 The Elf by The Barbara Moore Singers

11 Dancing With Emma by Moustache of Insanity

12 La Gran Mentira by The Casa Azul

13 Como Lovecraft by La Monja Enana

14 De Donde Viene La Nieve by Los Fresones Rebeldes

15 Meteroites En Hawaii by Papa Topo

16 En Esta Pista Ya No Se Puedo Bailar by Cola Jet Set

17 Hambre De Bombones by Niza Tengo

18 Poppy Girl by Vacaciones

19 Speed Limit by Dot Wiggin Band

20 Art Guard by Fishboy

21 The Great Motorcycle Explosion of 97 by Harry and the Potters

22 Kellogg’s Jingle by The Monkees

23 Captain Fantastic by One Happy Island

24 Wendy James by Band A Part

25 Britney by I’m From Barcelona

26 Lyrics By Lennon by The Felt Tips

27 Rollers Show by Los Straitjackets

28 Cindy Sherman by The Shermans

29 Jonathan Richman by Colin Clary and the Very Most

30 Heart Goes Pop by The Smittens

31 Teenarama by The Records

32 Movies by Part-Time Friends

33 Kissing Miss Scarlet by The Mighty Atom

34 Happy In Colours by Maria Kustikova and Oleg Kostrow

35 Playground Gateway by Belbury Poly

36 Saw You Two Times by The Rumble Strips

37 It’s Coming To Get You by Shisho

38 I Didn’t Mean To Love You So Good Juanita by Tony Orlando and Dawn

39 The Lights Above Los Gatos by The Variable Stars

40 We Will Rock You by Frank Sidebottom

41 You Don’t Mess With A Woman by Helen Reddy

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