Musical Thingarium 06.22.17


A tribute to The Shaggs and other oddballs and eccentrics in music.

1 What Should I Do? by The Shaggs

2 Just Another Crazy Day At The Farm by Dot Wiggin Band

3 Who Are Parents by Danielson Famile

4 Things I Wonder by The Shaggs

5 It’s Halloween by Brittany Anjou

6 Shaggs’ Own Thing by Plastic Mastery

7 I Love by The Shaggs

8 I Hear Voices by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

9 Peanut Butter Rock and Roll by Hasil Adkins

10 Pahrump, Nevada by Legendary Stardust Cowboy

11 The Monkey Speaks His Mind by Andre Williams

12 Dancing Queen by Wing

13 Mother Look What They’ve Done To Me by Amanda Lear

14 The Lady Barber by Lynn Castle

15 I’m So Happy When You’re Near by The Shaggs

16 My Cutie by Mongrell

17 The Fella With A Happy Heart by Dot Wiggin Band

18 My Pal Foot Foot by Deerhoof

19 Gimme Dat Ding by The Shaggs

20 Pasties by Captain Sensible

21 Don’t Let Us Bug You by Andy Partridge

22 Indie Medley by Frank Sidebottom

23 So This Is Modern Jazz Is It by The Cleaners From Venus

24 Queen of the House by Mrs Miller

25 I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left by Ken Nordine

26 My Companion by The Shaggs

27 Philosophy of the World by The Double U

28 Studio Montage by Jamey Hood, EmilyWalton, and Sarah Sokolovic

29 We Have A Savior by Bauer

30 The Van Man by Bob Chance

31 Daydream Believer by The Residents

32 Punks Get Off The Grass by Edith Massey

33 Casper the Friendly Ghost by Daniel Johnston

34 You’re Crazy For Taking The Bus by Jonathan Richman

35 Love Mugger by Chet Bolins

36 Argument With Myself by Jens Lekman

37 Fatso Nude Boy by Kill Me

38 Paper Roses by The Shaggs

39 You’re Something Special To Me by Optigonally Yours

40 Eh by Dot Wiggin Band

41 Shaggs’ Own Thing by The Shaggs 

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