Musical Thingarium 06.29.17


A variety show featuring electronic sounds, strange disco, select vinyl, and more!

1 My Pal Foot Foot (Live at Solid Sound) by The Shaggs

2 A Bigger More Important Sound (ECC Mix) by Raymond Scott

3 Song of the Death Machine by Bruce Haack

4 Thinking Machine by They Might Be Giants

5 Costello Kids In The Hall by Evolution Control Committee

6 Elephant Dung by Captain Sensible

7 Science Is Nothing Without Art by Peter Howell and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

8 EVA by Perrey and Kingsley

9 Titoli by Listening Center

10 Goat Foot by Belbury Poly

11 Final Froog by Tremortex

12 Ivresse Des Profondeurs by SEM Studios

13 Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot by Caramba

14 Dis Go Dis Wayway Dis Go Dat Way by Mother’s Finest

15 Walk the Night by Skatt Brothers

16 Gamma Ray by Birthcontrol

17 Radar Angels by Chromium

18 A Stranger’s Smile by D.R. Hooker

19 The Family of Man by Paul Williams

20 Wonder Woman by The Runners

21 You Can Touch Him by The Christianaires

22 Gonna Build A Mountain by Sandler and Young

23 The Obedience Song by The Singspiration Kids

24 Baby Of the Band by Hunx and His Punx

25 Che Bambola by Fred Buscaglione

26 4306 S 34th Ave by The Galactic Heroes

27 Venus by The In Group

28 Video Store by Darren Hanlon

29 Listen To The Music by Esso Steel Band

30 Donne-moi z’en by Bernard Adamus

31 Delilah by Gene Ferrari

32 Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps by Splodgenessabounds

33 Eleanor Rigby by Lee Castle and the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra

34 Complicated Games by Moonshine Willy

35 Surfer Queen by The First Class

36 Wind by Kim Jung Mi

37 Lightning by The Humans

38 Wot! by La BrassBanda with Captain Sensible

39 The Rockford Files by The Fall Guys

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