Musical Thingarium 08.10.17


All Vinyl show

1 These Boots Are Made For Walking by Balsara and His Singing Sitars

2 The Plumber by Murry Wilson

3 King of the Road/ 59th Street Bridge Song/ I Kissed Her on the Back Porch/ Satisfaction by George Burns

4 The Romantics of Sports Car Semantics by Paul O’Shea

5 There’s No Life On the Moon by David Allen

6 Super Fly Meets Shaft by John and Ernest

7 If I Had a Hammer by Chocolat’s

8 Love To The World by Cocomotion

9 Disco Bouzouki by The Great Disco Bouzouki Band

10 I’m As Mad As Hell by Cocomotion

11 Wait by Chocolat’s

12 Giorgio by The Great Disco Bouzouki Band

13 Beer Drinkin’ Man by Robin McNamara

14 Son of a Preacher Man by The Carnival

15 Rock Pour Un Gars D’ Bicyc’ by Diane Dufresne

16 Different by Billie Bubbles

17 Der Spinner by Schariwari

18 We Are The Teens by The Teens

19 Delay by Tanz Der Youth

20 Heaven Should’ve Been Here by Hey Elastica

21 Mall People by Ilze

22 Ain’t That A Kick In The Head by Sherman Hemsley

23 There Ain’t No Flies On Jesus / Daedalus by Salvation Original Cast

24 I’ll Never Die by The Christians Quartet

25 I’m Gonna See Heaven by The Happy Hearts Quartet

26 He’s a Loser by New Christy Minstrels

27 The Devil And His Ole Suitcase by The Happy Hearts Quartet

28 Und Sie Hieb Lulalei by Alexander

29 Ein Ehrenwertes Haus by Udo Jurgens

30 Diese Schiebe ist ein Hit by Insterburg and Co

31 Marie-Luise by Dennie Christian

32 Susie Darling by Janosch Rosenberg

33 Mit dem Hammer in der Hand by Gunter Gabriel

34 Er Gehort Zu Mir by Marianne Rosenberg

35 Funny Money Honey by The Teens

36 Lady Marmalade by Seventy Five Music + Gilla

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