Musical Thingarium 08.24.17


Jerry Lewis tribute, Bulgaria 1977, and all sorts of 70s & sci-fi.

1 That Old Black Magic by Jerry Lewis

2 Star Maidens Theme by Berry Lipman & Orchestra

3 Song from Buck Rogers (Suspension) by Stu Phillips

4 Theme from Star Trek by Rose Hill Jr High Band

5 Roundabout 727 by Art of Noise

6 Orion 2000 by Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra

7 Ride to Arcade (Logan’s Run) by Jerry Goldsmith

8 Tomorrow People Theme by Dudley Simpson

9 Apache by Rockets

10 S’Aventurer by Cosmic Analog Ensemble

11 Woman’s Hour – Reading Your Letters by John Baker

12 Bedazzled by Peter Cook

13 Skidoo/Commercials by Harry Nilsson

14 Band on the Run by Langley Schools Music Project

15 Crazy Words – Crazy Tune (Vo-Do-De-O) by Jerry Lewis

16 Jerry Lewis by Buddy Lester

17 Will The Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down TV Theme by Richard Delvy and Ed Fournier

18 That Certain Party by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

19 We’ve Got A World That Swings by They Might Be Giants

20 I Spy by The Dooleys

21 What A Lousy Party by Veronica Unlimited

22 Beatles by Dag Spantell

23 Germany Calling by Tone Band

24 Critics by Jerry Lewis

25 Candelabra Boogie by Jerry Lewis

26 If I Could Be Your Hero by Dot Wiggin Band

27 Amphora by Tonica

28 Dinamika by FSB

29 Iskam Tyj Da E Vinagi by Lili Rangelova & Zlatni Struni

30 Vsichko chuh by Svetla Stoeva

31 Mladostta putuva by Mimi Ivanova & Start

32 Denjat by Koukeri

33 Nachalo by Katya Filipova

34 Silata na ljubovta by Iskra Radeva & Sava Hushumov

35 Darktown Strutters Ball by Ted Mulry Gang

36 Paint It Black by Karel Gott

37 Extra sugar-free gum by Tim Maloney

38 Shady Lady by Shepstone & Dibbens

39 Wonderful Copenhagen by Mabel

40 Camera Shop by Jerry Lewis

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