Musical Thingarium 09.07.17


All 1987 show

1I Should Be So Luckyby Frank Sidebottom

2I Got My Mojo Working (And I Thought You’d Like To Know)by Young Fresh Fellows

3Hang-Ten!by The Soup Dragons

4My Baby’s Got Jet Lagby I, Ludicrous

5Just Like Oliver Reedby The Dentists

6Have You Seen Jackie?by Dukes of the Straosphear

7Big Hollow Manby Danielle Dax

8New Generationby Oingo Boingo

9The Passengerby Siouxsie and the Banshees

10New Directionby Echo and the Bunnymen

11Instant Club Hitby Dead Milkmen

12Pop Goes The Worldby Men Without Hats

13Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Noiseby Age of Chance

14Nathan Jonesby Bananarama

15Hit the Hi-Tech Grooveby Pop Will Eat Itself

16We Three Kings of Orient Aren’tby Jamie Wednesday

17Big Rock Candy Mountainby The Motorcycle Boy

18We Found a Way To The Sunby The Primitives

19Anti Midas Touchby Wolfhounds

20Throw The R Awayby The Proclaimers

21The Factoryby Warren Zevon

22Shameby Eurythmics

23Spin (Flexidisc Version)by The Darling Buds

24Ed Is Deadby Pixies

25Daylightby For Against

26What a Performanceby B.oB

27What Went Wrong This Time?by The Siddeleys

28Poised Over The Pause Buttonby This Poison

29Saint Lucyby Gol Gappas

30So Naiveby The Rosehips

31Black Leatherby Joan Jett

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