Musical Thingarium 09.21.17


Balkans, Asia, and other international sounds

Genesee Beer Ad by Genesee Beer

Didovilis by Perkalaba

Everyone Speaks Russian by Rotfront

King of the Divan by Dela Dapp

Bhangra Pirates by Red Baraat

Cardboard Castles by Dengue Fever

7 У Полі Край Села (In the Field of Kray Village) by Ot Vinta

I Think by Magnifico

Flight of the Ancients by The Shaolin Afronauts

10 Im Nin’alu by Watcha Clan

11 La Hawaiiana by Dolores Vargas

12 unknown title by Vivenne Mort

13 Alive by Russkaja

14 I Like To Move It by Los Colorados

15 Grandslam by Madness

16 Bum Bum by Chacho

17 Mauja by The Bombay Royale

18 En invasiv art by Vasa Flora Och Fauna

19 Voila l’ete by Les Negresses Vertes

20 I’m Sixteen by Cambodian Space Project

21 Fight on the Streets by Max Pashm

22 Bom Bom by Sam and the Womp

23 Balaka by Gypsy Hill

24 Unknown title by Leningrad

25 En Voiture mais pas d’char by Bernard Adamus

26 Unknown title by Lyapis Trubetskoy

27 Дубки (Dubky) by Madheads XL

28 Europa by The Ukranians

29 Sing Sing Cocek by Slavic Soul Party

30 Walking on the Burning Coal by Gogol Bordello

31 unknown title by The Stylers

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