Musical Thingarium 09.28.17


A group birthday bash and new vinyl!

17 AM by Jacqueline Taieb

2Don’t Mess With The Messer by Koko Taylor

3Where Ya Calling From Charlie? by Arnold Stang

4Ciao Rudy il mio nome by Marcello Mastroianni

5C’est Rigolo by Brigitte Bardot

6La Beaute by Sylvia Kristel

7Valley Girl by Moon Zappa and Frank Zappa

8Psychopath by St. Vincent

9Disco 82 by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar

10Hermit of Misty Mountain by Ben E. King

11Trace ton cheminby Nolwenn Leroy

12All The Monkeys Ain’t In the Zoo by Tommy Collins

13I Walk On Guilded Splinters by Sonny & Cher

14Grease by Flo Morrissey & Matthew White

15Stone Walls by The Dooleys

16He’s Just a Scientist by Connie Francis

17Cookie Jar by Charo

18Sexy Lady by Jumbo

19Disco Wedding by Paul Jabara

20Disco Shirley by Shirley and Company

21Boop Boop A Hustle by Camp Galore

22Dancing Queen by Carol Douglas

23Saigon by Paul Lavalle and the Band of America

24Pretty Little Vietnamese by Johnny Wright

25Heart Insurance by Jim Nabors

26The Avengers Theme by Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats

27Space Walk by Hot Butter

28Yes We Have No Bananas by Banana Airlines

29Atomic Nightmare by The Talbot Brothers

30When Banana Skins Are Falling by Tony Randall

31Do You Believe In Magic by Cook E. Jarr

32I Am The Japanese Sandman by The Masked Marauders

33Goody Two Shoes by Penn State University Band

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