Musical Thingarium 10.12.17


All 1988 show

1Tony’s Theme by The Pixies

2I’d Say That You Were Upset by Young Fresh Fellows

3Go Girl by The Toasters

4Ma and Pa by Fishbone

5Happy Like Yesterday by The Groovy Little Numbers

6Mala Vida by Mano Negra

7(Nothing But) Flowers by Talking Heads

8Cause I Said So by The Godfathers

9I Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett

10Julie Christie by The Driscolls

11Curry Crazy by Bad Dream Fancy Dress

12Eep Opp Ork by The Dickies

13We’re Not Lost by The Balancing Act

14She’s Dead by The Brilliant Corners

15Drive He Said by Doctor and the Medics

16The Masterman and Baby J by Randy Newman

17I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me by Morrissey

18Kirsty by B.oB

19(Will No One Save) Louise by The Man From Delmonte

20Only When I Laugh by Oingo Boingo

21Bottle of Smoke by The Pogues

22Lover’s Jamboree by Nick Lowe

23Clare by Fairground Attraction

24Oh Jean by The Proclaimers

25Sunshine Thuggery by Siddeleys

26Tangled Ladders by Downy Mildew

27Stranded in Greenland by For Against

28Abba by The Cynics

29The Camera Loves Me by Would-Be-Goods

30Hit The North by Frank Sidebottom

31Snowball In Hell by They Might Be Giants

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