Musical Thingarium 10.19.17


All Folk Horror!

1Burn The Witch by She Rocola

2The Two Magicians by The Owl Service

3The Eleventh House by Belbury Poly

4Nemesis Rhamnousia by Daemonia Nymphe

5Fuga Nº 2 by Beautify Junkyards

6Playground Ritual by Polypores

7In Taberna by Stille Volk

8Sun God by Galley Beggar

9Mwa Mwa Mwa by Quimper

10Till April Is Dead by Lisa Knapp

11Tales And Constructs by A Year In The Country

12The Three Ravens by The Hare And The Moon

13Black Sarah by Tinkerscuss

14At The Confluence Of The Mitta Mitta & Murray by David Colohan

15Bacchu Ber by Malicorne

16The Bramble Briar by The Transmutations

17Ancient Trees and Fractured Spines by Thornland

18O Willow Waly by Sproatly Smith

19Iduna by Faun

20The Hooden Horse / An-Dro by Drohne

21Lankin Jig by Revbjelde

22Dark Weave by Mark McDowell and Friends

23The Great Return by Earthling Society

24Demon Days by The Memory Band

25A Wee Brown Cow by Sedayne

26Evidently the Spirits Have Taken Over by The Unseen

27Twelve Sisters by Foxpockets

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