Musical Thingarium 10.26.17


More Folk Horror!!!

1The Red Barn by The Owl Service

2Moonshiners by Nathaniel Robin Mann

3Cut Below The Knee by Quimper

4Ye Mariners All by Relig Oran

5Deo’s Erotas by Daemonia Nymphe

6[untitled fragment] by Klaus Morlock

7The Weeping Tree by Revbjelde

8Tanz mit mir by Faun

9The Geography by Belbury Poly

10Lord Of The Reedy River by Kate Bush

11Coleman Grey by A Tiding of Magpies

12Drugged Shepherd by Hills Have Riffs

13Le Déserteur – Le Congé by Malicorne

14Pan Domna Poc by Stille Volk

15Constant Flux by Beautify Junkyards

16OPS-4 by Field Lines Cartographer

17Bourreau Silencieux by Amiina

18West Kennet Ritual by The Stone Tapes

19I Shall Leave You There by Sproatly Smith

20Imparting Received by A Year In The Country

21The Devil by Tony Wakeford

22Crazy Man Michael by The Hare And The Moon

23The Black Craig by The Magnetic North

24Of The Subterranean Inhabitants by Andrew King

25Sheepcrook and Black Dog by Offa Rex

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