Musical Thingarium 11.16.17


All 1989 show!

1Wobbly Jelly by Cud

2Garden of Earthly Delights by XTC

3Eardrum Buzz by Wire

4Hot Meat by The Sugarcubes

5Disappointed by Public Image Ltd

6Wise Up Sucker by Pop Will Eat Itself

7The Bartender’s Song by Mighty Mighty Bosstones

8Pas assez de toi by Mano Negra

9Club Mekon by Mekons

10Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues by The Godfathers

11Rosemary by Bad Manners

12King of the Bayou by Joe Strummer

13Pads Paws and Claws by Elvis Costello

14Fat by Violent Femmes

15Valerie by Marshall Crenshaw

16Night Train to Lorca by The Pogues

17Pictures of Matchstick Men by Camper Van Beethoven

18The Perfect Cut (Canned Music) by Negativland

19No Big Deal by Love and Rockets

20Untiedundone by The Creatures

21Bushfire by The B-52s

22Manta Ray by Pixies

23Johnny Ryall by Beastie Boys

24Jesus What A Jerk by The Verlaines

25Palisade Park by Ramones

26All The Way Down by The Primitives

27Clowns by Too Much Joy

28Picture Book by Young Fresh Fellows

29The Flickering Wall by Ian McCulloch

30Rockin Back Inside My Heart by Julee Cruise

31Rocket’s Tail by Kate Bush

32Loco de Amor by David Byrne

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