Musical Thingarium 12.08.17

The Teens-1978 The Teens.jpg

Kid singers and other nonsense

(not the original broadcast – the playlist has been reproduced on this podcast)

1Little Girls Are Fun by Jimmy Osmond

2Music Department by “A” Ukuleles of Halifax

3Another One Bites The Dust by Chapparal High School Surrey Singers

4Great Jubilation by Conti Family

5Love The Way You Do by DeFranco Family

6Stessa Spiaggia Stesso Mare by Piccola Pupa

7Merry-Go-Round by The Brady Kids

8Sunday Will Never Be The Same by The Christian Minstrels

9Heart of the Country by The Greater Bostonians

10Saturday Night by Langley Schools Music Project

11Echo of the Angels by The Little Angels

12Yesterday’s Sunshine by Julie Budd

13Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Your Love by The Teens

14Alta Mira by Bjork

15Blast Off by Kristy and Jimmy McNichol

16If I Could Be A Sailorman by Heintje

17Hands Off by Lena Zavaroni

18Good Morning Starshine by Jamie Redfern

19La Mer by Rene Simard

20All Over The World by Chapparal High School Surrey Singers

21Lemon Incest by Serge Gainsbourg and Charlotte Gainsbourg

22Listen To The Band by Jim Nabors

23Baretta’s Theme by Dag Spantell

24True Love Is On Its Way by Kaptain Kool and the Kongs

25Safari by Peter Cowap

26Cigarettes, Women and Wine by Chicory Tip

27Mama Told Me by Fantastique

28Roller Boogie by Bisquit

29Sing To Me Mama by Karen Cheryl

30You Make Me Feel The Fire by Claudja Berry

31Daddy-O by Veronica Unlimited

32Frankenstein Meets Alpha 7 by The Vampires of Dartmoore

33The Big Search by George Garanian

34Dil Dil Guitar by Nahid Akhtar

35Get Smart by Bob Crane

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