Musical Thingarium 02.01.18


Glam, disco, punk, and more!

1You Can Count on Me (Theme from Hawaii Five-O) by Sammy Davis Jr.

2This World Today Is A Mess by Donna Hightower

3Getting Back Up by Go! Team

4Rullskridsko-Disko by Helena Salo

5Week-end by Pizzicato Five

6Bargain by Rainbow Trio

7Valley Hi! by Stereolab

8Offbeat Comet by Misha Panfilov Sound Combo

9Bingo by Leningrad

10Discogyroochonndria by Blush

11Where’s Captain Kirk? by Spizzenergi

12Do You Love Nazis? by The Kids

13We Care About You by Chorusgirl

14Klean Living Kids by The Stukas

15I Did The Wrong Thing by The Toms

16Doomsday Plus One by Paisley Patterns

17Venus and Mars by Tony Van Duyne

18Tropical Depression by Firewater

19Jumbo Jet by Afric Simone

20Scusa Se Insisto by Loretta Goggi

21Chicago by Darlin’

22We Love America We Love China by Tutti Frutti

23Goodbye New York by Milk and Honey

24She Was A Hotel Detective by They Might Be Giants

25Mellow Yellow by Hot Shots

26Rock and Roll Women by BZN

27First Rock Star on the Moon by The Brats

28Roller Skate Rockin’ by Super Angel

29I Love To Eat on British Rail by The Beach Bullies

30Bang Bang by The Sounds

31Trouble by Girl Ray

32Superfriends by Superfriends

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