Musical Thingarium 05.02.19


3rd Anniversary show!

1 Mrs Miller – I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail

2 The Freshies – I’m In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk

3 Graduate – Elvis Should Play Ska

4 Tellus – Lip Service

5 The Tudors – Tied Up With Lou Cool

6 Bernard Adamus – Entre ici pis chez vous

7 F.S.K – I wish I could `Sprechen Sie Deutsch`

8 The Delgados – Mr Blue Sky

9 Frank Sidebottom – Hit The North

10 Tina Charles – I Love To Love (But My Baby Just Loves To Dance)

11 Barbara Law – Shake Your Bait

12 Tutti Frutti – We Love America, We Love China

13 Big A – Caribbean Air Control

14 Super Angel – Roller Skate Rockin

15 Rockets – Galactica

16 Tony Randall and Jack Klugman – You’re So Vain

17 Helena Vondráčková – Vládce našich dní (What’s a Gonna Be)

18 Sarolta Zalatnay – Ez minden

19 Irene Jarocka – Co Mnie W Tobie Zachwycilo

20 Marie Rottrová – Blues řetězů

21 Marta Kubisova – You Came You Saw You Conquered CZECH

22 The Christian Minstrels – Proud Mary

23 Kay Adams – Little Pink Mack

24 Julie Budd- People are Strange

26 The People Next Door – Shadow of Man

27 Kreskin with The Atomic Crocus – Omblic Contact

28 L Ron Hubbard with the Art of Noise – Bright Noise/Flesh in Armour/Comes and Goes

29 Sigur Ros – Varoeldur (with Ventriloquism Lesson)

30 Bernard Fevre – Sunshine on March (with found vocals)

31 The Langley Schools Music Project – Venus And Mars / Rock Show

32 Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna – Surf Universitaria

33 Chet Bolins – All American Masher

34 Ron Richardello – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

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