Musical Thingarium 11.07.19

The Spoken Thingarium

1 Spy numbers recording paired with Klaus Morlock / Please Reveal Yourself
2 Eccentronic Research Council – Innes’s Dream
3 Patty Hearst, Day 80, April 24, 1974 paired with Quimper / Geoffrey
4 The Flabby American
5 Charles Spearin – Mrs. Morris
6 Christian Astronaut – Loosenut Tell How To Take A Space Trip paired with Daphne Oram / Studio Experiment No. 1
7 Paul De Jong – Dimples You Fucken Sucker
8 Judy Garland paired with Amiina / Gl·mur
9 Henry Blythe / Investigation Into Reincarnation paired with Sigur Ros / With Arms and Legs Moving, The Tell Tales
10 Freak Show Barker / Coney Island in Stereo (1959) paired with Perfect Mother / Dark Disco Da. Da. Da. Da. Da. Run
11 Unknown advertisement paired with Advisory Circle / Triadex Logotone
12 Ken Nordine – Scratch
13 The Tack Organisation / You Are About To Use The Telephone – Remember These Points paired with Philip Johnson / Ellis is Poofy man
14 Andrew Vachss interview segment paired with A Year In The Country / For My Gentle Scattering
15 Delia Derbyshire & Barry Berma – The Dreams: Sea
16 Vincent Price – Pot Roast
17 Anonymous Phone Message paired with Quimper / I Need A War
18 AA Allen and Congregation – Crying Demons paired with Sam McLoughlin / Crazywell Pool
19 Unknown Speaker paired with Eccentronic Research Council / Wicked Sister Chant
20 Breast Enlargement Hypnosis Tape
21 The MacManus Gang – A Town Called Big Nothing

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