Musical Thingarium 11.13.21

Some wayward pop art eccentrics and a few other folks

1 Eccentronic Research Council ft Maxine Peake – Where have all the wayward pop art eccentrics gone
2 The Jazz Butcher – The Devil Is My Friend
3 Ray Anderson – Stalin Kicked the Bucket
4 Randy Newman – Harps and Angels
5 The Back Porch Majority – Richard Cory
6 The Real Tuesday Weld – Bathtime In Clerkenwell
7 Tones On Tail – O.K. This Is The Pops
8 Creed Taylor Orchestra – The Crank
9 The 180 Gs – Give It To Someone Else
10 Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain – My Baby Does Good Sculptures
11 The Piranhas – Yap Yap Yap
12 The Tea Set – Walk Small
13 LGT – Ő még csak most tizennégy
14 Ricky Wilde – I Wanna Go To A Disco
15 Five Star Gas – Smokey Bubble Shoo Fly Pie
16 The Bombay Royale – Bobbywood
17 The Magnetic Fields – When the Brat Upstairs Got a Drum Kit
18 Mr. Partridge – The Forgotten Language of Light
19 The Lemons – Where’d I Go?

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